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Welcome back, Sidney !
Je viens d'apercevoir les photos suivantes...Excellentes !
J'ai toujours été facinée par l'expression de la foi catholique aux Philippines.
Gros bisous :0010:


awesome photos. so evocative of the event. i especially like the portraits. i have to say, you were very brave to join the throng.


Welcome back François ? or Sidney :D Happy New Year to you and the family! It's one of the history I like most though I haven't really went to feast with them! I am afraid because there were already dead people and snatching situations, sad to say it's true! Crowd is just unbelievable !!!


Welcome back, Sid. These two pictures are strikingly good to be postcards featuring scenes from the Philippines!


Hi Sydney,

Glad that your back , eventhough still in the "holiday mood" , but your pictures have big impact ! I am glad that you are safe while covering the events...but just be extra careful and extra safe :)

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